June 9 – July 2, 2023


From June 9 to July 2, 2023, the legendary Lodderbast cinema guested at our Bennigsen estate with a very special cinema program. Every Thursday to Sunday, Wiebke and Johannes Thomsen showed independent new releases, curious film gems and ferocious visual violence on the big screen. Local band Jazz Li(e)bertango played on opening night against a backdrop of flickering images from several Super8 projectors.

Lodderbast is a former program cinema from Hanover (2018 to 2022). It was considered the world’s smallest cinema only 24 seats on 39 square meters. Lodderbast was awarded the Lower Saxony Cinema Program Award four times in a row, won the Cinema Award of the Kinemathekenverbund in 2021 and was voted the most popular cinema in Germany in 2020.

Equipped with fully mobile cinema technology, the Lodderbast has been touring the country since 2022, “cinfecting” everyone along the way. We are proud to have hosted Lodderbast for an entire month at the estate and grateful for the many beautiful summer nights filled with unique film screenings.