August 22, 2021


With refined arrangements and energetic rhythms, the five musicians from Cologne make it just as easy for their audience to listen devoutly as to dance exuberantly.

Tovte, that are: Tobias Gubesch (clarinet), Nathalie Litzner (violin), Anna Neubert (violin), Leonhard Spies (guitar) and Silas Eifler (double bass). The group was founded in the summer of 2012, initially as a street music band around Tobias Gubesch.

Right off the bat, Tovte was invited to play at a Jewish wedding at the Cologne Synagogue. The birth of the band and the initial spark for a journey into the world of klezmer.

Since then, the five musicians have continued to evolve, combining influences from jazz manouche, ethno-pop, folk and classical music in their music to create a unique style.

They enjoy performing at festivals, clubs and concert halls, house concerts and parties.

“Tovte’s original compositions deliver an amazingly unspent klezmer, the arrangements alternating between very soulful and very energetic passages. Thus, Tovte’s music is lively, emotional and rousing.” (Creole NRW Jury 2019)

Tovte received inspiration from renowned musicians such as the David Orlowsky Trio and Giora Feidman. In 2019, Tovte earned the special prize at the NRW Creole Competition for World Music.

Photos: Nadja Mahjoub

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